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Proper Usage of truO2

To Be Used Before, During, or After Physical Exertion.

*PLEASE NOTE that truO2 should be used to supplement regular respiration. When inhaling/exhaling, do so with normal breathing cadence. The most common usage mistake is to take too deep a breath or to hold breath in.

Hi Pressue Personal Oxygen Hi Pressue Personal Oxygen

Put More Oxygen Into Your Workout

Oxygen is the most important natural supplement on the planet, responsible for sustaining human life on Earth. Oxygen enables the body to generate more energy and metabolize food more efficiently, and that results in a healthier body. Professional atheletes, busy moms, and everyday users get quick recovery from high altitudes, exhaustion, and muscle cramps... delivering critical Oxygen to the body when it needs it most.

See Who's Using Oxygen

tru O2

You will notice that we have changed the appearance of our Personal Oxygen Canister from what was formerly listed and pictured on this website. We have improved the product by providing twice the quantity of Oxygen than what was formerly available. There is now 4 Liters of Oxygen in each Canister which will provide 40-50 inhalations.

We accomplish this additional quantity in a similar size Canister by increasing the pressure at which we fill the Oxygen. Please note that the button will be more difficult to press the first few times it is used based upon this higher pressure. Please push the back part of the button to break the seal on the first use and then push the button at either the 3 o’clock or 9 o’clock position to overcome the greater pressure on the first few uses. After the pressure is reduced then the button will work easily with normal pressing in the center of button.

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Disclaimer: Intended uses for Oxygen: For healthy people to use anywhere or anytime they desire a fast recovery or refresh from any activity that causes them to become winded or out of breath (anaerobic). Other important uses include relief  and recovery form anything that stresses a healthy person's body, including effects of altitude or altitude sickness, hangover, headache, jet lag and fatigue from travel. Oxygen provides energy to every cell in the body which improves balance, flexibility, strength and endurance. truO2 is a 100% pure natural supplement with no artificial ingredients, propellants or fluorocarbons . THIS PRODUCT IS NOT INTENDED TO BE USED AS MEDICINE OR A DRUG, AND AS SUCH, IT IS NOT INTENDED TO TREAT OR CURE ANY ILLNESS, INJURY OR MEDICAL CONDITION. THE CLAIMS MADE ABOUT THIS PRODUCT HAVE NOT BEEN EVALUATED OR APPROVED BY THE FDA.

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